A. N. Tipton
1 min readMay 26, 2021
Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

The Moon is my solace,

my comfort,

my dark conspirator.

She shines

her silvery light,

like ocean waves of peace.

The pain in my heart bleeds

as I feel the Moon’s presence,

telling me it’s going to be okay.

But it won’t.

Ever be okay again.

And that’s okay.

Because I am never alone,

as long as I look up

into the night sky,

to that glowing presence,

the deep well of silence,

that gives me solace on the lonely night.

Is the Moon is alone too?

Alone in the starry sky,



always giving,

to her children who abide in Gaia’s arms.





but always and ever present.

She shines her luminescence



A. N. Tipton

I am a Writer, a Lover of Books, a Mother & an Usui Reiki Master who loves to read & write & all things Universal. Words move me, inform me, inspire me.