A. N. Tipton
1 min readJun 11, 2021
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They said I was small, unworthy and selfish,

And I took those words as if they belonged.

Who was I to shine my light?

To be… and smile… and dream.


Somehow those inconsequential words gained power,

burrowing into the crevices of my self-worth.

Years went by, passing like rain.

Until you.


“Your beautiful,” you said.

And I barely dared to believe.

How would you know?


“You are worthy,” you said.

And the unexpected truth

breathed a new life into my soul.


I consecrated into me

the new truth, bit by bit,

mile by painful mile.


The new truth of self-worth

wove into the genome of my soul,

into the fabric of my DNA.


Unfettered self-love birthed

a new being of metamorphosis

embodied by the divinity within.


And I was made anew, stretching

out new membranes and multicolored

scales transformed into higher consciousness.


Bursting free, floating on translucent

wings, forged of strength and perseverance,

upon light waves of love and undiluted truths.


Now I say, I am powerful, worthy, and abundant.

I lay claim to these words, for

I am here to shine my light.

To be… and smile… and dream.

Thank you for reading!

© 2021 A. N. Tipton



A. N. Tipton

I am a Writer, a Lover of Books, a Mother & an Usui Reiki Master who loves to read & write & all things Universal. Words move me, inform me, inspire me.